If for some reason you are curious to find out about my personal background and what I’m doing here, please feel free to read on.

I’m basically a software entrepreneur, currently founder and CTO of  BizTalk360. A software product that helps companies  using Microsoft BizTalk Server to maximise their investment by providing rich set of operations and monitoring capabilities. My life currently revolves around few things, first and foremost the well being of my family, friends, Employees and BizTalk360.

I started my career in 1997 in India working for a small software firm in Coimbatore (a beautiful city in Tamilnadu, southern India), moved to Bangalore in couple of years and finally to London in 2000. Deep inside I’m a technology guy, I love coding, still I own some of the core areas of BizTalk360.

In year 2003, I had an opportunity to be part of 10 member team formed by Microsoft pulling people from various parts of the country to build a high profile proof-of-concept for NHS health reform project.  Microsoft was helping consulting firms (Accenture, Fujitsu, couple more) who are betting on Microsoft technologies to build the solution if they win the bid.  They were also very keen to find a proper use case for upcoming new version of BizTalk Server. Those 4 months were exciting times of my entire career, working on fresh beta builds from product team every day. That time I didn’t know this tool is going to become main part of my life. Accenture won the bid, I joined Accenture as a consultant and worked with them for 3 years.  After that I did 2 more assignments, a short 6 month stint in Birmingham and 4 years with Fidelity Investments, UK. During the time Microsoft rewarded me MVP (most valuable professional) for my contribution to the community. I’m still retaining this title for the past 6 years.

In Feb 2010  during the MVP summit in Redmond, in a nice coffee shop around 10:30pm, a group of BizTalk Server MVP’s were having some hot discussions about various things. During the discussion this idea popped up writing a web based admin tool for BizTalk server and do it as an open source project. Everyone agreed for it, the trip was over and there were no news from anyone. I love UI and web technologies as a hobby, so I started to tinker with some ideas and started building the initial version, and that’s the birth of BizTalk360. As a technology guy I never intended to build a commercial product, but as the time progress and the interest from community made me add more and more features and gradually BizTalk360 became a full blown commercial product with wide market adoption and a hard core team based in London.

Why this blog?

I always like to write stuff, sometimes it help me understand things better. You can knock a solution very quickly, but to explain it to someone takes considerable effort, during the process you learn the solution better. I been blogging since 2004, mainly around technical stuff about BizTalk Server. According to feedburner, the blog currently have over 11,000 readers, given the niche area of BizTalk server it’s a very high number. Since the launch of BizTalk360, the blog became our main mode of communication to the outside world and it became too formal. Nowadays I wanted to write some stuff freely, but the BizTalk banner on top of the current blog is prohibiting me from writing anything personal. Hence I decided to start this new blog. Here I’m not going to write anything technical, it’s going to be more about my life’s journey. It may be about things I learned running BizTalk360 as an organisation, social challenges, growing kids, books I’ve read etc, etc.

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