Stop thinking about avoiding mistakes

Stop thinking about avoiding mistakes

One of the common things start-up founders tend to do is spending a lot of time trying to educate them by reading tons of articles and video on topics like “How to avoid start-up mistakes”. Few examples here

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The real truth is, just don’t bother too much. If you come across these articles by accident, you can glance through them quickly, pay little attention to the headings and move on.

Running a business whether it’s small or big, comes with all kinds of challenges. Every day is different, every business is different. In my experience so far running BizTalk360 for 5+ years, you never know what surprise you are going to get next. It may be something like your website gone down, your competitor released a big update, one of your core employee resigned, sales team lost a big contract,  angry customer fuming in social media etc, etc. The list is literally endless.

In almost all cases you really can’t avoid them, you can only deal with them in the best way possible. Stop worrying about things that didn’t happen and focus on things that matter the most “Getting things done”.

Even though you are a small start-up founder, compare yourself with great CEO’s like Satya Nadella and  Mark Zuckerberg. We all have exactly same amount of hours in a day, you cannot keep thinking and worrying about endless things that come to your mind. Keep your mind clear and focus on what’s important.

I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.
-Jimmy Dean