How to pair your Apple Wireless Keyboard to Macbook Pro Windows Bootcamp

I pretty much gave up at one point this is not going to work. It’s not documented anywhere and no mention about this in the forums. I’m actually typing this blog post using the Apple wireless keyboard paired to my MacBook Pro running Windows 7 via BootCamp.

The first problem I’ve faced, I was not sure whether my MacBook Pro had any built in BlueTooth radio. There was no option to “Add BlueTooth Device”, when I searched. Luckily I had one, the driver was not installed properly. You can easily verify it by searching “Device Manager” and checking under the section “Blue Tooth Radios”. In my case there was a warning sign, I simply uninstalled it and did a hardware scan, which corrected the problem.

The second problem, the green light in the keyboard was not flashing (discoverable mode). As soon as I click the on/off button, it stays on for couple of seconds and switches itself off. There is only one button and one light, no obvious reset buttons or there is nothing in the forum explaining this.

Here are the steps I followed to fix it

  1. Click “Add a BlueTooth Device” (search)
  2. When in discovery mode, you keep pressing the on/off button, soon you’ll see the option “Keyboard” in the “Add a BlueTooth Device” discovery screen.
  3. Select and click next, keep pressing the green button.
  4. In the next screen a number will be displayed (ex: 76728282), you enter that number in the keyboard and press enter.
  5. Your keyboard will be paired.